Wednesday, January 2, 2013

In with the OLD, Out with the Old.....

While I was dropping off my son and his friend at the library today I actually found an unexpected treat waiting inside for me, yes a treat for MOM! I happened to glance at the usually bare magazine exchange rack and there they were..... a whole bunch of older issues of Romantic Homes Magazine. I LOVE that magazine and have most of all of the last few years worth but what a fun find to see some older ones to bring home and curl up on the couch and go thru on this chilly day! It made me think about how someone probably was going thru and passing along some of the older magazines to "clear out some room" to make way for the upcoming years issues.... I am happy to be able to go thru them and then I will take them back and put them back on that rack to be recycled thru again to another happy MOM who may come along like I did today and find a treat! So....if you happen to have some old magazines that are taking up room I just want to suggest that your local library may have a magazine exchange like ours and that they can be a welcome and appreciated find for someone this chilly winter month!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 2013!

I just love the "fresh start" feeling that comes along with a new year! I have been planning on really building up my blog come this new year and really sharing all the wonderful and simple things I come across during the year. That said, this being my first post for 2013 I wanted to keep it simple today. New Year's day here in our house has always been a kick back kinda day, the lazy day, the do nothing but cuddle up on the couch with a soft afghan, a cuddly dog and watch movies. That is exactly how it went yet again! It is nice to take at least one day a year and allow yourself to do NOTHING....and I highly recommend it! :) SO for today I wish for each of you a peaceful day filled with nothingness! Enjoy!