Thursday, March 18, 2010

Why A Marigold Life???

To Start my blog off I just had to write about why I named it A MARIGOLD LIFE. First of all I love marigolds. They are a hardy, bright, colorful, everblooming flower. Usually they just sit somewhere in your landscape or garden and do their thing. They don't need to be fussed over too much but they are constantly renewing themselves. When you do take off the spent blooms it isn't long until twice as many blooms pop up! You can even take those spent blooms and dry the petals out and sprinkle them onto a salad, yes, that's right marigolds are edible! So I realize that marigolds have so much going on and are ever changing...... As a wife, mother, gardener and Etsy business owner, this soooo mocks my life....... I realized I have a MARIGOLD LIFE ! Everyday I plant "seeds" and hope they will make the world a better place, just like a marigold plant. So please come along on some of my daily adventures and share with me as we decorate, sew, garden, craft, cook, parent, and renew our way through life. A MARIGOLD LIFE!.........

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